I Made My Choice Quickly to Do the Right Thing

I was never really the type of person who did things on a whim. I noticed for a very long time that a lot of people are very spontaneous in their the decisions. But that’s not who I am. I’m someone who makes decisions in a very deliberate fashion with a lot of thinking ahead of time. But when I was looking for apartments for rent in Parkville I mused about how doing so was a very spontaneous decision, and something that was very new to me.

I ended up moving here because of my best friend. She and I have been friends ever since we were 6 years old and we met on the playground at school. There is no one else that I’ve ever met that I have been with her. Last year she has. Continue reading →

It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

Struggling to find a home is a challenge which many Americans are forced to face. For many the struggle is quick and they are lucky to find themselves a permanent home quickly. Apartment living might be the perferred choice for living which might mean that they will be seeking to find a new apartment every year if they decide to move out after their lease is up. With Topeka apartments for rent to anywhere in the Union, Americans right now are all looking for the home of their dreams or at least the closest thing to the nebulous concept of that dream.

The socially induced stress that young adults feel when they first step into the confusion that is the world of responsibility can encourage them to enter into poor financial contracts. One of those, I feel, is the mortgage. Continue reading →

I Wanted to Move to Texas but Was on the Fence About It

Dad told me I should have been a cowboy. I told him that I knew that song, and he laughed. I didn’t dress in jeans and a western hat because of fashion. I actually liked how the rain would run off my cowboy hat when I was riding a horse. I even had one of those long oilskin coats. I kept two horses at a nearby farm, and my wife and I would ride evenings and weekends rain or shine. Then I found myself looking at apartments in Alamo Heights online. I was talking with my wife about us moving. We have visited Texas many times over the years.

We had a truck and horse trailer that was actually part camper for people. We would make our way to Texas on vacation with our horses to ride equestrian trails there in the winter. We really like the area we ride in, and we talked a lot about moving there. Continue reading →

Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) Review, Shuttle, Car Rental

For your travel planning convenience, Shuttle, Limousine Service, Car Rental, and Driving Directions to your favorite desert playground destinations can all be found, swiftly identified, and immediately accessed via this customized travel transportation and review page. Considering this high profile hot spot is situated in a unique geographical location which is conducive to a blanket of constant sunshine coupled with intermittent, random bursts of refreshing rainfall, the experienced traveler realizes securing adequate and reliable transportation for your Palm Springs California vacation is absolutely essential. Unlike Las Vegas, where the vast majority of main attractions and restaurants are conveniently situated within the boundaries of two major arteries, Las Vegas Blvd ( The Strip ) and Fremont Street ( Downtown ), hot places of interest, golf courses, and entertainment venues in Palm Springs and sister Desert Cities Resorts encompass a wide geographical area while spreading generously into immensely popular sub-communities which include La Quinta, Palm Desert, San Jacinto, and several other prime locations.

The city and surrounding suburbs are designed and engineered in the traditional simplified Southern California grid style so it’s relatively easy to map and navigate the entire area with minimal effort and proper street identification tools. Once you arrive at Palm Springs International Airport, the essential shuttle, car rental, and limousine services options will be readily available on site or customized arrangements can be made with the simple touch of a phone. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with recommends a rental or privately owned vehicle to be used for the duration of your visit to get the most out of your stay. A menu of services is included at the bottom of this page.


Palm Springs International Airport is located in the blossoming picturesque Coachella Valley within Riverside County, a low desert region of Southern California which is served by approximately 10 airlines that accommodate hundreds of cities worldwide. Non stop flights are currently available from the following cities.

Bellingham, WA (BLI) – Calgary, Alberta (YYC) – Dallas / Fort Worth, TX (DFW) – Denver, CO (DEN) – Edmonton, Alberta (YEG) – Las Vegas, NV (LAS) – Los Angeles, CA (LAX) – Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN (MSP) – O’Hare / Chicago , IL (ORD) – Phoenix, AZ (PHX) – Portland, OR (PDX) – Sacramento, CA (SMF) – Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) – San Francisco, CA (SFO) – Seattle, WA (SEA) – Vancouver, British Columbia (YVR)

Palm Springs International Airport is within reasonable proximity and driving distance to Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties – Although many visitors travel through this facility en route to Los Angeles County, the commute can be more time consuming depending on your destination –
Photo courtesy of Florian
Photo courtesy of Florian

The airport resembles a large restaurant or shopping center from a distance and it’s unquestionably one of the most quaint facilities I have ever seen, experienced, and traveled through. The architecture closely matches certain areas of the inner city that have maintained a distinct 1960s and 70’s retro look over the years. The runways parallel the majestic San Jacinto Mountain Range just off in the distance, and when weather conditions strike just the right harmonic chord, amber or luscious bright pink colored clouds on the horizon accentuated by the somber, fading evening sun can be observed at sunset. The interior facilities are conveniently compact to match the size of the airport and just about everything you could possibly need to ensure a comfortable flight is within reasonable walking distance. The airline traffic flow in and out of the runways seems to be managed to perfection and I was informed that it’s a very rare occurrence to see, encounter, or experience a backlog of flights waiting to access or leave the airport. Airline congestion seems to be successfully managed and mitigated by the airport operations staff. Once you step off the plane, baggage pick up is located in a convenient area which is easily identifiable.

Security is comfortably tight and efficient as should be with all airports, a safety expectation and precaution which provides a comforting, ease of mind experience. Currently, the restrictive policy only allows for vehicles that contain baggage designated for immediate loading or unloading, to park at the curb in front of the terminal ticketing and baggage areas, and only passengers who possess a ticket are permitted beyond designated checkpoints. Additionally, to establish and ensure precise identification considerations, a valid photo ID is required to board a flight. In my opinion, it’s an acceptable security policy that strikes the proper balance by protecting the rights of legitimate passengers and visitors to the maximum extent possible without inviting an infringement issue.


There are a total of 6 Restaurants, Bistros & Bars (listed below) situated within the airport grounds, all are very well maintained and “Fit for a Celebrity” clean. A little pricey for the budget minded but the food and spirits are tasty:

Celebrity Bistro Cafe & Bar – Starbucks – La Brea Bakery & Palm Springs Tap Room Bar – Springs Tap Room Bar – 12th Fairway Bar & Grill – Zia’s Smoothie Shop – California Vintages Wine Bar –

Maps / Directions:
A markerPalm Springs International Airport – Palm Springs International Airport (PSP), 3400 E Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262, USA
[get directions]


If you’re not a Southern California resident who is endowed with the option of driving the one or two hour scenic commute to get to the terminals, air travel is certainly the next best and most popular alternative mode of transportation. The occasional light rain or thunder shower, or intermittently occurring brisk balmy desert wind can indeed cause minor distraction from the anticipated and expected pristine reputation, however, despite these occasional pesky intrusions by mother nature, year round weather in Palm Springs is always near perfection for any kind of travel. Spring and summers are typically hot and favor the dry or arid side with temperatures averaging in the 100 degree range. Fall and winter months typically cool off considerably to a delightfully balmy mid 70 degree average. Temperatures can change significantly with the seasons but the dry, mild, soothing climate still dominates from November thru February and that is good news not only for the visitor. but the air traveler as well.

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Broomfield, Colorado: Home Of Secretariat’s Owner

A Mega Metropolitan Area

Because of fast growth and development, the City and County of Broomfield was founded in November 2001, where the city had formerly been located in four separate counties in a land formerly inhabited by the Apache, Arapaho, and Cheyenne Native Americans.

As European-Americans headed west, the Broomfield area became part of the Louisiana Purchase. This happened in same the year Ohio became a state: 1803. The 1850 discovery of gold and the 1870s advent of the railroad in Colorado increased transportation, commercial, and residential access to the land. A Boulder Turnpike highway opened in 1950.
Broomfield is a Healthy City
Broomfield is a Healthy City | Source

Today, the local transit and parks systems support air, bus, and rail services, park-n-rides and call-n-ride options, ADA accommodations, bike paths, foot trails, an airport shuttle, Senior Citizen transport, and financial incentives to carpool.

We have found nearly 114,000 job listings in September 2013 (up from 46,000 job openings for September 2010) in the Broomfield job market, with signs that new jobs will increase through 2020.

The majority of the most frequently listed job vacancies are occurring in Information Technology (IT), Management, Retail Sales, Healthcare, and Casual Dining.

Much of this labor market opportunity is involved with increasing populations, incoming businesses, and the location Broomfield midway between the larger Denver and Boulder, Colorado Metro Areas. The entire makes a larger region as the Denver – Aurora – Boulder Metro Area. Money tells us that population rates are rising, crime rates are low, and school systems are of the highest standards and effectiveness.

Broomfield was placed on list of the Best 100 Places to Live in America by CNNMoney.com in 2010.

The city is in the Number 19 slot out of the 100 cities , with a population of 55,000+ and a driving distance, as advised by Money of only 20 minutes to either of its nearby the larger metro areas.

Burlington International Airport (BTV) Car Rental and Transportation

If you need a ride to and from Burlington International Airport or would like to reserve a rental car for the duration of your stay in Vermont, a wide variety of resources for service and price comparison can be found right here. The following comprehensive ground transportation guide can help make planning this important aspect of your trip to New England easy as scanning the following information and dialing a touch tone telephone to connect with agents representing an extensive compilation of 20 car rental, limousine, and related companies who are ready to accommodate your specific request. This entire page was designed and developed to assist you with securing the most suitable mode of ground transportation at the best available price. A research and planning tool to help make this aspect of your vacation or business trip a convenient, stress free experience.

In addition to the wealth of ground transportation information provided, an interactive map application is incorporated to assist you with engineering the most efficient directions to or from the airport and all other points in between. It’s a user friendly format to help you swiftly identify, highlight, and route local streets and interstate highways for stress free navigation to all tourist destinations, business meetings, and places of interest on your itinerary.
– Alternative Prime “Foto-Prime” Images –
– Alternative Prime “Foto-Prime” Images –


Burlington Vermont, home to a vast selection of the worlds largest producers of top grade savory maple syrup, cozy indoor winter fireplace gatherings, an abundant variety of delicious sea fare restaurants, and the busiest air transportation facility in the state, Burlington International Airport.

BTV is a multi purpose facility serving primarily as a northern New England commercial airport and vital strategic hub for military planning and logistical operations. Located just 3 miles east of Burlington, Vermont’s largest city as measured by population, the airport is perfectly positioned to accommodate the approximately 1 million passengers who travel to and from the northeastern region of the U.S. annually. Several premier airline companies operate via BTV and efficiently carry both domestic and international air travelers to several popular worldwide destinations year round.

Burlington International Airport is a gateway to several tourist destinations including Lake Champlain and a handful of top rate mountain resorts that play host to thousands of winter activity enthusiasts. The facility is self contained and features some unique comfort amenities such as “Relaxing Areas” furnished with couches, reclining chairs, and coffee tables for a no spill experience, and look for rocking chairs conveniently situated at the “Skyway” which provide a pristine outside view of the runways and aviation activities. Truly a very welcoming touch.

A restaurant, snack bar, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream store are all located on site and situated at various venues, and for portable computer operation, ask about the availability of free high speed Internet access throughout the terminals.

4 Sites To See On A Bike Tour In Denver

Denver is home to many outdoor enthusiasts, which is little surprise, given the beautiful surrounding mountains, lakes, and other scenery. So if you really want to get a taste of Denver, you shouldn’t do it from the inside of a vehicle or tour bus; you should take a bike tour instead, so that you can experience the great outdoors that Denver is known for while taking in the sites in and around the city. Here are 4 sites that you should try to see while you’re bike touring Denver, CO.

Mount Evans

This bike ride is not for the casual rider. This will be a long and rather difficult ride, but if you’re an avid cyclist, it is well worth the effort. Many people choose to drive along the scenic byway and up to Mount Evans, but you can have an even better experience by doing it on a mountain bike.

Take in the crisp, fresh mountain air as you take in the beautiful views all around Mount Evans. Take a few bike trails if you’re feeling adventurous and want to go off-road. If you need a break, there are beautiful vistas and even a tranquil lake that you can stop at to catch your breath.

You could spend days biking around Mount Evans and still not see everything there is to see. At the very least, you should set aside the majority of one day to take in this glorious ride.

Washington Park

This public park is located right in the city, giving a taste of the outdoors in the middle of bustling Denver. It is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. You’ll find joggers, cyclists, parents with children, people playing fetch with the dogs, and couples having picnics all around the beautiful lake that is the centerpiece of this park.

Hop on your bike and take a tour around the park on a sunny day. You can choose to take a short ride around one side of the park, or take a long ride all around the lake. The choice is up to you.

Cherry Creek Bike Path

If you’re looking for a fun, leisurely way to tour almost the entire city by bike, the Cherry Creek Bike Trail is the way to go. This trail especially for joggers and cyclists winds through most of the city. You can ride for as long or as short as you wish, and the trail passes many convenient stops along the way, such as the Modern Art Museum. You can make a full day of this trail, making as many stops as you want on your ride.

If you are looking for a longer ride, the Cherry Creek Bike Path joins up with the South Platte River Bike Path, then the Hi Line Path, and then circles back to the Cherry Creek Bike Path. The whole trip will take you about 5 hours for a leisurely ride.

Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens is one of the top entertainment destinations in Colorado. While you may not be able to ride your bike through this amusement park, it is well worth getting off your bike for a day to enjoy this Denver hot spot. Elitch Gardens is 69 acres of fun, with dozens of roller coaster rides to keep you entertained all day–or for several days, if you have the extra time.

Whether you’re on vacation with a group of college buddies, or you’re taking your family to Denver, this amusement park has something for everyone. And when you’re finished with the roller coasters, you can hop back on your bike and continue bike touring Denver, CO.

Five Tips For Choosing Wood Cabinets In Denver

When it comes to cabinetry for use throughout your home or office, many homeowners choose wood as their material of choice. Not only does it look great, but it is also strong and durable, able to withstand repeated use and still look fantastic. The following are a few ideas to keep in mind when you are thinking about purchasing new Denver wood cabinets or looking for ideas on how to update your existing wood cabinets.

1. Budget
You will first want to know what you have allotted in your remodel or building budget for your cabinetry. While a quality wood cabinet in Denver may seem expensive at the outset, when you factor in the long life of the cabinet, you will see that using quality materials like wood cabinets makes good economic sense in the long run.

2. Type of Wood
Next, consider the final look you want from your cabinetry. Hardwoods make an excellent choice for cabinets because they are not only long-lasting but they are also very attractive and work well in a wide variety of interior design styles. Woods range from light warm colors to dark browns and reds, and so knowing how you want your cabinetry to look in the end is important when selecting woods. If you wish to simply use a clear finish on the wood, the appearance of the wood is of importance. If you will be painting your cabinetry, then the look of the wood is less important, so this will factor into your wood selection.

3. Integration Into Your Design
After thinking about the final look, also consider how the cabinetry styles you like will fit into your interior design. Home styles range from contemporary to traditional, and wood cabinetry can work well in either environment if used appropriately.

4. Custom Cabinet Consideration
You might also want to consider custom cabinetry. Custom-built cabinets made out of hardwood are an excellent choice if you want to take advantage of every inch of storage space in your home, and this particularly comes into play in the kitchen and bathroom, where space is often at a premium. Custom cabinets can be built to fit into awkward corners, and with lazy susans installed inside they offer an amazing amount of storage. Cabinets can also be built from floor to ceiling to capture all of the possible storage area in a room.

5. Upgrades
If you already own cabinets, you can choose beautiful hard wood cabinet doors to give your existing cabinetry a facelift. This also allows you to change out hardware to create an entirely new look in the home as an affordable alternative to completely new cabinets.

You can learn more about all of your options for Denver wood cabinets by visiting a cabinetry showroom, where all variety of cabinets and wood samples will be displayed.

If You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer, Denver Has Some Of The Finest

There are many reasons why you may need a personal injury lawyer. Denver residents who have experienced work-related injuries, automobile or motorcycle accidents, defective products, slip and fall accidents and others may want to consider finding out if they have a case that would warrant compensation for damages. A Denver accident lawyer is one who practices tort law, which covers these types of civil cases, and a Denver accident lawyer may be able to help you in this regard.

The first step you will want to take is to speak to several personal injury lawyers. Denver accident victims will soon learn that lawyers may be compensated for services rendered through fees paid up front, as in a retainer, or on a contingency fee basis. The contingency is that the Denver accident lawyer only gets paid if he or she wins your case. This often means that there are no fees upfront for all of the preparation that a Denver accident lawyer must perform in order to prepare to represent you before insurance companies and in court. This is especially helpful if you have been in recovery from accident injuries and have been unable to work for a time.

Once a Denver auto accident lawyer has decided to take on your case, he or she will go into action. There are several types of documents that will need to be written by personal injury lawyers. Denver residents will often see their Denver auto accident lawyer write legal complaints and draft legal documents, some of which may need to be filed at court. Your Denver auto accident lawyer will also do a great deal of research in order to prepare your case. You can help by providing your legal counsel with police reports of the accident, along with any medical records and bills that you might have. This information is used to build your case and also to help the Denver auto accident lawyer offer you accurate, specific advice as well as to determine the correct monetary award to request.

Out-of-court settlements are preferred by personal injury lawyers. Denver residents could usually expect to see a monetary award faster in these instances. However, if it is in your best interest, your Denver accident lawyer will take your case to court and represent you there. A Denver accident lawyer will work in court to ensure that the judge understands your case and why you deserve the compensation you want. An experienced lawyer who routinely handles personal injury claims may be able to help you get appropriately compensated.

Transportation to Airport

People residing in Boulder prefer to go for Denver International Airport for international journeys and to go to the airport you need a Boulder to Denver Airport transportation. Transportation is an essential aspect whenever you travel and since you spend a lot of money on your journey by plane then you should also select a comfortable conveyance from your house to the airport. Talking specifically of Boulder to Denver Airport Transportation, there are DIA taxis, Limousine to Boulder, and Denver Airport Limousines etc.

If your company’s delegation is going abroad to represent your company, you should have a final meeting with them. And while you are choosing from Boulder to Denver Transportation select a limousine. The main advantage of choosing a limousine for your journey to Boulder is that your whole delegation will fit in it easily and comfortably, and during the long journey you can have a meeting with them. So you can utilize this time in a positive way.

Some Boulder to Denver Airport transportation are installed with high tech gadgets like wireless internet, mobile phones, TVs, and DVD players etc. If you have a DVD of the presentation, you can also watch it inside the limousine. Furthermore if you do not like anything, with wireless internet facility, you can search for other stuff online and include it in your presentation. These last minute changes are sometimes very beneficial for the company.

The Boulder to Denver Airport transportation is not only used by these business executives and delegations but can also be arranged for personal parties. If your whole family is going for vacations and you are headed to DIA then you can select any of the Boulder to Denver airport transportation, especially the limousines for Boulder.

If you have a small family, you can go for a Taxi but if your family is relatively large and you are headed to the airport, which means you definitely have luggage with you as well, you should choose a limousine. In a limousine your whole family would fit in easily and comfortably, and the spacious trunk will carry your entire luggage so that you travel to Boulder in ease. You will not need to hire another car or cab so that half of your family travels in one car while the other half in another. When your whole family is together, you can only have fun if you travel together, and this benefit can is only provided by a limousine, which is a fairly good Boulder to Denver airport Transportation.

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