Broomfield, Colorado: Home Of Secretariat’s Owner

A Mega Metropolitan Area

Because of fast growth and development, the City and County of Broomfield was founded in November 2001, where the city had formerly been located in four separate counties in a land formerly inhabited by the Apache, Arapaho, and Cheyenne Native Americans.

As European-Americans headed west, the Broomfield area became part of the Louisiana Purchase. This happened in same the year Ohio became a state: 1803. The 1850 discovery of gold and the 1870s advent of the railroad in Colorado increased transportation, commercial, and residential access to the land. A Boulder Turnpike highway opened in 1950.
Broomfield is a Healthy City
Broomfield is a Healthy City | Source

Today, the local transit and parks systems support air, bus, and rail services, park-n-rides and call-n-ride options, ADA accommodations, bike paths, foot trails, an airport shuttle, Senior Citizen transport, and financial incentives to carpool.

We have found nearly 114,000 job listings in September 2013 (up from 46,000 job openings for September 2010) in the Broomfield job market, with signs that new jobs will increase through 2020.

The majority of the most frequently listed job vacancies are occurring in Information Technology (IT), Management, Retail Sales, Healthcare, and Casual Dining.

Much of this labor market opportunity is involved with increasing populations, incoming businesses, and the location Broomfield midway between the larger Denver and Boulder, Colorado Metro Areas. The entire makes a larger region as the Denver – Aurora – Boulder Metro Area. Money tells us that population rates are rising, crime rates are low, and school systems are of the highest standards and effectiveness.

Broomfield was placed on list of the Best 100 Places to Live in America by in 2010.

The city is in the Number 19 slot out of the 100 cities , with a population of 55,000+ and a driving distance, as advised by Money of only 20 minutes to either of its nearby the larger metro areas.