I Wanted to Move to Texas but Was on the Fence About It

Dad told me I should have been a cowboy. I told him that I knew that song, and he laughed. I didn’t dress in jeans and a western hat because of fashion. I actually liked how the rain would run off my cowboy hat when I was riding a horse. I even had one of those long oilskin coats. I kept two horses at a nearby farm, and my wife and I would ride evenings and weekends rain or shine. Then I found myself looking at apartments in Alamo Heights online. I was talking with my wife about us moving. We have visited Texas many times over the years.

We had a truck and horse trailer that was actually part camper for people. We would make our way to Texas on vacation with our horses to ride equestrian trails there in the winter. We really like the area we ride in, and we talked a lot about moving there. My dad saw the apartments in Alamo Heights up on my computer at the kitchen counter when he came over one day. That was when he told me I should have been a cowboy. He liked the apartment I was looking at. It had big rooms, a nice swimming pool, full size washer and dryer hookups, hardwood flooring and an island in the kitchen. He asked when we were moving.

I told my dad that we had not really made any plans to move, and that we were just talking about it. He told me that I should go as quick as possible before I talk myself out of it. Dad has always been about making sure his kids live out their dreams. My wife is that way about our life too. She was never on the fence about leaving, but she never wanted to pressure me. She was very happy when I put a deposit on the apartment.